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The 7 best Todo Apps: control all your expenses from your mobile

Smartphones have changed the way they pay thanks to platforms like Google Pay . However, our mobiles can also help us save and control where our money goes each month , through financial applications that allow us to keep an exhaustive control over the expenses incurred, and the savings achieved.

There are many applications of this type on Google Play, but not all of them are worth it. In this article, we select the best ones that can be downloaded and used , and we review their most important functions.

How to control your expenses from your mobile: the best apps


Fintonic is one of the most famous and used finance applications on Google Play . We have talked about it repeatedly, and it stands out from the rest for being one of the few platforms that allow us to synchronize our bank accounts to automate expense and savings reports, thus avoiding having to manually enter purchases, income or transfers.

It has compatibility for the vast majority of Spanish banking entities, and offers interesting functions such as notice for commissions, duplicate receipts or management of products such as insurance, cards or loans. It also offers a useful option to finance Amazon purchases at 0% interest.

Another feature that we will not find in the rest of the alternatives is what Fintonic calls "FinScore" . This is the theoretical assessment that banks have about us depending on several factors such as age, balance in our accounts or expenses, so that it is possible to access better conditions in case the valuation is high.

Money Manager

Another good option to control all our savings and expenses from the mobile is Money Manager . This application stands out for its simplicity and ease of use , but still has interesting options for all those who want to know where their money goes.

The app allows you to record any transaction made with a touch on the screen, and automatically generates expense and revenue reports with graphs that show our progress . It is also possible to make budgets and organize the different invoices either by periodicity or by category. The option of setting reminders is not lacking either.

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To know absolutely all the money you spend, and how you spend it, there are few better applications than Spendee . The app has been selected several times as one of the best in its category by the publishers of Google Play, and is that its ability to generate infographics with income and expenses, all with a fantastic design and all the functions we might need to carry A control over our finances.

Among its most important characteristics, we find the possibility of synchronizing our banking entities to automate the control of expenses and income , budget planner, generation of reports and infographics, or the possibility of creating shared portfolios with friends and family. Of course, it also allows you to register those purchases made with cash, so that nothing escapes us.


If you use several devices and are looking for an app where you can register all the savings and expenses, 1Money is one of the best options. Since it offers synchronization in the cloud, it is possible to access data from anywhere and through any device .

The app in question allows you to add transactions quickly and easily, and will automatically generate reports that show where the money spent goes and how our savings account has grown - or not - over the weeks.


Another tool that, like Fintonic and Spendee offers synchronization with the main banking entities is Wallet . The application encourages us to get rid of our spreadsheet or notebook where we will write down all our expenses and savings, and move on to using its flexible control and planning system.

The app is free, and among its functions includes the possibility of generating financial reports on accounts and cards , loan management, synchronization in the cloud, templates and predefined categories, and even the possibility of geographically labeling each transaction made .

Money Lover

For Google, Money Lover was one of the best applications of the year 2017 ... and it is not for less. We are facing one of the most complete financial tools that exist on Google Play , with cloud synchronization, budget planning, push notifications and expense management by categories.

Other interesting features of this application are the possibility of keeping an exhaustive track on debts and loans, the possibility of creating shared portfolios with friends or family, and even a “Travel Mode” for those travelers who will spend time in a country different from yours. To prevent loss of information, the app also allows you to create backup copies in Dropbox , one of the most popular cloud storage services